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Under the divine project of rejuvenation of Vedas, ShriMadhavswami started propagation work of Satya Dharma of Eternal Religion in 1968 by establishing Madhavashram at Bairagrh, Bhopal being the world center. His chief aim was to carry the holy message of Satya Dharma at every doorstep all over the planet for the welfare and well being of mankind. Since then, this divine task of Satya Dharma has been carried out in full swing and people from all walks of life visited this place to get necessary guidance on daily Satya Dharma practice as ordained by Shri Sahab.

The propagation work has been continuing unabated in various manners and methodology like door meeting with the people, correspondence, rallies, exhibitions, camps, group discussions, meetings and congregations so that the message of Agnihotra reaches each and everyone being the chief aim of this Ashram. Three Days discourse was also organized in a very big way form 3rd to 5th June 2001 at Bhopal.
After the Mahasamadhi of Shri Potdar Sahab in 1974, the functioning and conduct of this divine task is been carried out by Smt. Nalini Madhavji under her able supervision and necessary guidance because of her tremendous capabilities and devotion to spread this message of Satya dharma. She has been incessantly busy spreading the divine message by extensive touring throughout India, meetings, lectures and discourses programs With in-depth devotion and high degree of elevation from the bottom of her heart and sole for the welfare of entire human race. Agnihotra propagation work has assumed the large proportion form of revolution for the emancipation of human being. This work was started in a very small scale rather with nil resources in1968 and today it has reached all the latitudes and longitudes of the planet. due to tremendous devotion of Smt.Naliniji towards ordained divine task of Shri Sahab. At the outset, she worked as private secretary to Madhavswami as well as a co-worker ever since 1963 when this revolution took place in letter and sprit. While the intensive working started in1968 precisely, Smt. Naliniji would carry out all the office administrative work of Madhavashram. She was later on appointed as a director of Madhavashram in 1969 and has been further appointed as a sole trustee of Madhavashram in 1974 after the demise of Shri Sahab. She has been caring out all the responsibilities of the Ashram most effectively and efficiently till date.
Madhavashram is a unique holy place with highly charged yagnya atmosphere all over. Potdar Sahab reformer or epoch of religion came to stay over here in 1973 and made this place as the head quarter of this divine task comprising to temporary mud houses. He lived in this house over here and organized the first annual congregation on Satya Dharma in 1974. A press called Dharma Surya too was founded here premises. Here only he took Mahasamadhi in 1974. The memorial Samadhi of Shri Sahab was established here in 1976. This is known as " "Aghidham".
Fortnightly 24 hours continuously Yagnya has been organized and done at Madhavashram premises once every full moon day and no moon day during every month ever science 1980 over here without break. This Yagnya is being performed in the holy memory of Somyaga held at Madhavashram in 1985 in an improvised Yagyashala constructed for the purpose where people drown from all over Bhopal and neighboring villages come to participate in Yagnya on this auspicious occasion.

One dormitory called "SHARNAGATI" has been constructed at Madhavashram for the stay of visitors coming form out side Bhopal. "Annapurna" has also been established over here for the food arrangement for Ashram personnel and visitors from out side. One "Pancharatna Goushala" already established by Shri Sahab in 1971 has been effectively functioning till date. Education on Satya Dharma is also imparted to enthusiastic people from time to time by organization of camps of adults, children and women for four to five days duration. The stay agreements for the participants are also made at Madhavashram for the duration of camps.
This is the holy place of "Lord Parshuram" where Agnihotra is regularly perform twice daily. In essence, the regeneration of Vedas has been the real and the actual divine project graced by the blessing of Lord Parshuram who initiated Paramsadguru Shriji with Mantra Diksha on 12th March 1942 in person. Shriji took up this divine task in 1942 that vowed at the lotus feet of Lord Parshuram for the revival of Vedas in its pure and pristine form. Shriji in turn coined and wrote verse called SAPTASHLOKI ordained by Almighty God for the benefit and well -being of mankind. Lord Parshuram had appeared in person before Shriji and Shri Sahab in 1954. The purpose was to review the Satya Dharma (Eternal Religion of Vedas).

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HOMA is a Sanskrit word used here synonymously with YAJNYA. YAJNYA is the technical term from the Vedic science of bioenergy denoting the process of removing the toxic conditions of the atmosphere through the agency of fire. This means healing and purifying of the atmosphere with fire as the medium. You heal the atmosphere and the healed atmosphere heals you. This is the central idea in HOMA Therapy. The words ´Heal the atmosphere´ have widespread ramifications not yet investigated by modern science.

YAJNYA replenishes the nutrients that pollution robs from our environment. The molecular change in the fission and fusion of atoms causes properties of elements to change in atomic structure and weight. The rotation of electrons and neutrons varies speeds. If proper insight is given to scientists we can show them how this knowledge can be used beneficially in some areas when looked at from the perspective of YAJNYA.