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DAILY AGNIHOTRA is an essential part of our Vedic lifestyle. It is wonderfully short, simple and effective ritual conducing in overall wellbeing and happiness for all. Its practice is so elementary and brief that a large number of people in many countries across the globe have willingly taken to it, and are performing it regularly. The miraculous results that ensue the daily practice of Agnihotra have deeply impressed scientists, doctors and ecologists alike. Agnihotra not only Leads to all-round progress of the performing individual ,but what is more , it brings about weal of the society as a whole, the weal which is an inalienable right of all homo-sapiens.

Just as air. the Sun, the Moon, the stars equally belong to all, similarly agnihotra also belong to entire humanity irrespective of country,colour,caste or creed. Men have to be human first and foremost, all other labels are secondary. Thus the Vedic practice of agnihotra and its benefits belong to the entire humanity. It is not at all of any significance whether the performer be a Hindu, a Muslim,Christian ,a Buddhist or any other religion,sect,denomination,caste or class, whether the performer be rich or poor, literate or illiterate , male or female, healthy or handicapped, adult or minor, theist or atheist. The sacred Vedas have conferred the right upon each and everybody in the human society to perform agnihotra and derive benefits individually as well as collectively. Agnihotra simultaneously releases forces beneficial to our entire planet and its environs.

Selfishness of man has created the Frankenstein of pollution which has poisoned the Earth’s atmosphere. Nature’s bio-energy is facing depletion and exhaustion. It is a situation of utter despair for all forms of life on Earth. Until and unless the environmental toxins are countered and neutralised, there is little hope of survival. It is the final battle which the humans must make every effort to win. An effectively safe and cheap way to win this crucial battle is the regular, daily performance of the Vedic Agnihotra based on the principle of bio-energy enunciated in the sacred Vedas. Industrial civilisation and life- styles promoted by civilisation are fast rendering our dear Earth into a vast graveyard. Not that the human society and its leadership are not aware of the grave danger, but their efforts to remedy the situation fall far short of the requirement.

No endeavour devised by environmentalists and scientists is potent enough to treat the pollutants which hang heavy on and over the Earth. Devices like aforestation, cleansing of water streams, urban air etc. appear inadequate and puerile in the face of ever mounting sources of environmental pollution. Often, most nations and societies lack the resources, the expertise and the will to fight pollution.

So, what is the way out of this cul-de-sac? What is fast and instantly effective remedy can there be to avert the impending doomsday ? Experts, on substantial scientific evidence, vouchsafe that the Vedic Agnihotra performed with unfailing regularity by millions of individuals in the various part of the world can definitely fight environmental pollution, counter and retard the greenhouse effect, and render the planet wholly safe for life in all its forms.

Therefore, it is everybody's duty, irrespective of territory, race or religion, to learn and imbibe the message of Vedic Agnihotra, practice it regularly and propagate it. All must come together to make Agnihotra a worldwide movement to bring about a complete cure of Earth’s environment and to make it capable of sustaining and enriching the myriad bounties of life and Nature.

Life Saving Agnihotra :
Agnihotra is not only a saviour but also a rejuvenator of life. Agnihotra cures the environmental pollution in our homes, our localities and our villages, towns and cities. At the same time it fights mental psychological tensions and set off atmospheric vibrations which exert wondrous curative influence on minds and bodies of individuals and groups. The benefits extend even to house pets, birds, animals, plants and trees.

Who can Perform Agnihotra?

Anybody can perform Agnihotra irrespective of age or status. If the head of family performs Agnihotra, the ensuing benefits shall extend to all members of family automatically. It would be better if during the performance, all other members of the family should be present and chant the “mantras” along with the head of family.

If the head of family is away or unwell, then the concert should perform Agnihotra. In absence of both, any other member of family or even domestic servant can do it. However, nothing goes a miss due to circumstantial pressure. Agnihotra always renders benefits, and nothing else but benefits for all.

Requisites for Agnihotra:

1. A receptacle (pot) in correct step-pyramid shape in prescribe dimensions made of copper or clay. This copper or clay “kund” (pot) is available only at Madhavashram, Sehore Road, Bairagarh, Bhopal. It cannot be had in market shops.

2. Daily sunrise-sunset time-table for the whole year applicable to the place of performance. Such a time-table applicable to places within the radius of fifty kilometers around the Bhopal city is distributed rupee two at Madhavashram to Agnihotra performers in the area.

3. Two drops pure cow-ghee and few grains of whole, unbroken rice sufficient for one time performance. 250 grams of cow-ghee would suffice for a month’s performance (Daily at sunrise and sunset). It would be easy to make this little quantity of cow-ghee at home every month, if cow-milk is available. Only cow-ghee is to be used for oblations in Agnihotra, no other kind of ghee is allowed.

4. Dried cow-dung cakes prepared hygienically. Two small, thin cow-dung cakes are sufficient for one time Agnihotra.

5. Camphor crystals (desi) and match box for lightening the cow-dung cakes and prepare the fire for offering oblations in the copper or clay pot (kund).

How to proceed:

Suppose the day today is first of July. Look in to the time table to find out the exact time of sunset. The time table tell you that the sun would set at 6 minute past 7. So about ten minutes before the sun-set time you should properly arrange the dry cow-dung cake pieces inside the step-pyramid-shaped pot one over the other leaving a little empty space in the center to place the camphor bits. Light the camphor bits with a match-stick. Cow –dung pieces would burn and about 8-9 minutes the fire in the pot would be ready for offering oblations. A minute before the exact time of sunset, pick up a few grains of rice, smear them with two drops of cow-ghee, place then on your palm, divided them in two equal parts, and as the clock shows 6 minutes past 7, pick up one part ghee-smeared rice grains with the fingers of your other hand, and chant the following mantra in clear, loud voice:-

“Agnaye Swaha –

Just as “swaha” is being uttered, drop the rice –offering into the fire in the pot (kund) with a neat smooth motion of your fingers. The offering would instantly burn emitting flame/smoke. Follow it up immediately with the chanting of second part of mantra –

Agnaye Idam Na Mama."

This would complete the first mantra and the oblation.

Next, pick up the rest of rice-grains placed on your palm, hold them in fingers of your other hand, and make the second offering into the fire by chanting in the above manner the following mantra :-

"Prajapataye Swaha -

After the offering, you must loudly chant:

Prajapataye Idam Na Mama."

This would complete the proceeding. The two offering take around two minutes. The rice grain burn with clear flame, or could emit some smoke. You have to sit straight-backed while performing Agnihotra,and look in to the oblations aflame in the fire-pot as you make the offerings and chant the mantras. Get up after oblations are consumed in fire.

The sun-rise Agnihotra is performed similarly at the exact time of sun-rise everyday.There is only little change in the first mantra chanted, the sun-set offering made to Agni ,while the sunrise offering is made to Surya(Sun),hence, the mantra at sunrise Agnihotra is :-

"Suryaya Swaha,

Suryaya Idam Na Mama"

The second mantra remains same :-

"Prajapataye Swaha,

Prajapataye Idam Na Mama"

Everybody present at Agnihotra must join in chanting the mantra.

Bathing is not a necessary condition for one to perform Agnihotra. However, it is advisable to take bath before performing he sunrise Agnihotra. Sunset Agnihotra can be performed after the washing of hands & feet. The stress is on ensuring bodily cleanliness while performing Agnihotra.

The Pyramid Patra (pot)

Storehouse of Life-Energy :

The pot in to which Agnihotra oblations are offered is a unique receptacle of wonderful attributes. It may be well described as a silent storehouse of energy. The pot is made of either pure copper or clay. No other metal or material is used in the making of pot. It is of a definite shape and its length, breadth and height are also geometrically related to pyramidal dimensions. The pot is used for the purpose of Agnihotra is 14.5/cms x 14.5 cms. at the top, 5.25 x 5.25 cms. at bottom and height is 6.5 cms. The dimensions must be accurately conform to the above mentioned measurements, not even slightest variation is allowed, the “Homa” or “Havan” pots sold in the market neither of pure copper nor accurate measurements , so they should not be used for Agnihotra.

Agnihotra pot or “kund” should kept at a clean spot in any room in the house. Or else it may be kept inside in an almirah after Agnihotra fire is extinguished and the pot cools down. It would be better if pot is always kept in the spot where Agnihotra is performed, provided there is ample space available in the house for it.

Pyramid literally means a structure on the centre of which located in a point of fire like energy. Dr. Flanagan describes it as “Bio-cosmic energy.” It is an acknowledged fact that a pyramid emits mysterious waves of life energy which exert a benefic, life- sustaining, preservatives influence over all objects, sentient and insentient.

In shape, Agnihotra pot is like an inverted step pyramid. This shape is considered to be much more powerful then the shape of the Egyptian pyramids themselves. The subtle bio-cosmic energy waves emanating from Agnihotra pot change the whole atmosphere with healthful influences, banishing deletarious elements. The pot, in some mysterious way, also attracts cosmic rays to itself. The miraculous preservative effect of pyramid shape is proven fact, though modern sciences have not been able to unravel the mystery behind the phenomenon.

As Agnihotra fire in lighted in such a pot and cow-ghee-and-rice oblations offered into the fire with the chanting of the prescribed mantras, the whole atmosphere around the place of the performance gets purified with the gases which rice forth from the pyramid shaped pot. Harmful bacteria and other pollutants are neutralized immediately, and the atmosphere remains clean and healthful for twelve hours at least.

The copper and the clay Agnihotra pots are available at cost price at Madhavashram, Bairagarh, Bhopal.

Sunrise and Sunset :

Nature’s Utmost Delicate Moments :

Nature’s most delicate moments are when the sun rises or sets on the horizon. Many a phenomenon of the body and mind directly related to the sunrise or sunset which termed as a circadiun rhythm in science. It is in these delicate moments of nature exacerbation of mental or bodily ailments and weaknesses including indigestion, ulcers, asthma, hypertension, menstruation etc. takes place.

Sunrise and sunset exert good or bad influences over all objects sentient or insentient. These two timings are important from the standpoint of human health. At the time of sunrise and sunset, the whole atmosphere is charged with special vibrations. The body- clock registers many chemical changes, and “Sushumna” pulse in human body gets activated. Many poisonous gases, pollutants, bacteria etc. attack humans and other animals at the time of sunset.

Notably, Agnihotra is performed exactly at the sunrise and sunset in order to counter the spurt in harmful influences prevailing in the atmosphere then. Agnihotra fights and prevent disease, promotes health and cleanses the atmosphere around us. If Agnihotra is not performed on the exact prescribed time, these three benefits shall not be materialise. Therefore, exact time of Agnihotra must not be missed. Agnihotra indeed is a ‘Sadhana” related to the time exactitude.

Sunrise and sunset timings vary according to the degree of longitude and latitude of the location of a place. You can get from us, a chart of local sunrise and sunset timings, for the whole of the year. contact us at : or

Fire: Cow – Dung Cakes :

As said in earlier pages, fire for Agnihotra is prepared by lightning cow-dung cakes in prescribed pot . To prepare the fire, arrange well-broken bits of thin cow-dung cakes one over the other in a in a circular formation in the Agnihotra pot. The cake-bits should be so placed as to leave a little open space in the middle of the pot where either piece of Desi-camphor, ghee-soaked wick of cotton or kundaru gum may be placed to be lighted with a match-stick. This should be done about ten minutes before the appointed time. The placing of cake-bits should be such as would allow air to pass between them to ensure good burning. The little opening in the middle where the camphor, cotton or gum has been placed, is also the spot to receive the Agnihotra oblations. In about ten minutes time the cow-dung cakes bits would come to good stage of burning. Oblation should then be offered in the prescribe way with chanting of indicated mantras on over the exact time.

It is the scientifically proved that cow-dung contains chemicals like menthol, phenol, ammonia, indal and formalin. Many curative properties are attributed to it. That is why cow-dung cake fire in Agnihotra pot is important. Cow-dung picked up form a clean place uncontaminated with rubble or rubbish of any kind should be used in making of cakes. If such cakes are not available for the purchase in the market, then it would be advisable, that the performer should himself prepare them at home. Petrol, diesel, gases, kerosene and such other malodrous polluting stuff should not be used to ignite Agnihotra fire. As has been said, use only camphor, guggulu, kundaru gum or cotton wick soaked in cow-ghee only.

Oblations – Cow-Ghee & Rice Grains :

Caution: it is absolutely important that only pure cow-ghee must be used for performing “Havan” or Agnihotra. Ghee of any other animal excepting the cow is taboo in such performance not only on socio-religious grounds, but because burning of ghee of other animals exudes fumes which pollute the atmosphere.

Formaline is used in operation theatres in hospitals for sterilizing surgical instruments etc. Agnihotra oblations of cow-ghee and rice offered in pyramid pot emit this very chemical on burning, which prevades the air around the atmosphere bacteria-free. Scientific laboratory tests have proved that Agnihotra release many atmosphere-purifying gases like ethylene oxide, formaldehyde, betapropioeletone etc.

When man inhales the air charged with gases emitted from cow-ghee and rice oblations in Agnihotra, it exerts a curative and healthful effect by purifying blood, and strengthening the heart, the lungs and the brain, and thus freeing the body and mind from toxins and tensions.

Remember that all this comes to you only with just two drops of cow-ghee and a few grains of unbroken rice (Akshat) burning in the pyramid pot. Cow-ghee must essentially be pure. Such pure ghee is almost impossible to get in the market. So, it is advisable that householder performing Agnihotra must prepare his/her own ghee out of pure cow milk only at home. Pure cow-ghee also available in Madhavashram Bhopal, or Agnihotra pracharks elsewhere.

Mantra: Sound Vibrations :

Chant at sunset:

Agnaye Swaha (first oblation)

Agnaye Idam Na Mama.

Prajapataye Swaha (second oblation)

Prajapataye Idam Na Mama.

This completes the sunset Agnihotra

Chant at sunrise:

Suryaya Swaha (first oblation)

Suryaya Idam Na Mama.

Prajapataye Swaha (second oblation)

Prajapataye Idam Na Mama.

This completes the sunrise Agnihotra.

But what is the import of these incantations ? They are an offering made by the Agnihotra performer to Supreme Being.

They invoke god and say - “Oh ! God ! Whatever I have really belongs to you, and I offer it all to you.”

The vibrations of these Vedic incantations are deeply related to time of sunrise and sunset. Just as the effects of Ragas and Raginis in Indian classical music are obtained only when they are sung at prescribed time, similarly the full effects of Agnihotra chants materialize only at sunrise and sunset. The chants also bear deep relation to the mysterious powers of pyramid from as well as fire energy. It may be noted that the Agnihotra mantras as given in Vedic texts are not prefix with “Om”. Therefore, never change the order of mantras, and chant them only in the prescribed manner. The mantras which are not prefixed with “Om” are called “Saumya” (soft, gentle) mantras. These mantras are a scientific combination of sound vibrations, and therefore it is essential that only the original mantras are chanted while offering oblations to fire, and no attempt is made to change accent, pronunciation or order of words. Chanting of mantra translation is similarly undesirable and would not lead to results.

Apparently, the mantras invoke Agni and Surya. But Agnihotra is not the worship of Agni and Surya. The invocation is essentially to God, the almighty, and Agni and Surya in two mantras are only synonymous of God.

Agnihotra: Some Other Aspects :

The residual ash in Agnihotra pot is a potent medicine. It is at once a curative medicine for humans and animals including domestic pets as well as insecticide-cum-fertilizer for crops, plants and trees. It is called “Homa therapy”, that is curing ailments by the way of making offering in to fire (“Homa”). Homa therapy and use of the residual ash of Agnihotra is regarded as a particular boon to agriculture by agricultural scientists who have tested the efficacy of the Agnihotra ash technique in fighting insect-pests and augmenting produce in fields and orchards.

Development of Homa-therapy owes much to German experts who have prepared a range of medicines in tablet, capsule, powder, ointments, drops and other forms for treating various diseases, infestations and injuries.These experts regard the Agnihotra ash an excellent tonic as well. (For details see the booklet : "Agnihotra : Aushadhi nirman tatha chikitsa.”)

Tests carried out by medical experts prove that Homa therapy can cure mentally-retarded children as well as morally-retarded adults. Agnihotra helps in reclaiming addicts of a variety of intoxicants and drugs like alcohol, opium, hemp, smack, heroin, morphine etc.

The universal experience among Agnihotra practitioners it that it banishes all evils and brings in good and auspicious, Agnihotra sharpens the mental faculties of children and make them bright students of good moral character.

Whatever may be your religion, faith, way of worship or whatever your material and spiritual pursuits and style of life, whatever your field of work, Agnihotra brings you latent energies, talents, your creative faculties and your constructive abilities into full and fair form, enabling you to play your due role in the reconstruction of the society while promoting your individual welfare at the same time.

Before starting Agnihotra please do remove any doubts that you may have, and get answers to any questions arise in your mind in regard to Agnihotra. If possible, please do come to Madhavashram, Bairagarh, Bhopal, discuss things and see for yourself Agnihotra performance at sunset or sunrise. Madhavashram volunteers are always there to welcome you on any day of the week from sunrise to sunset.

Madhavashram: An Introduction :

Madhavashram, founded by the late Shri Madhavji Potdar Saheb, is a serene retreat situated amid greenery of farms, fields and flower plants on the tree-lined Bhopal-Indore road skirting the famous Bhopal Lake. It is about one kilometer from Bairagarh towards Sehore. Bairagarh, a suburb of Bhopal is seven kilometers from the main city. All buses from Bhopal to Sehore and from Habibgunj railway station to Bhainsakhedi stop here on request. (for air traffic see this link:

The Vedic rite of Agnihotra was rejuveneted by shri Madhavji Potdar Saheb in 1963 in the course of his quest for happiness and true religion (Satya-Dharma) for mankind. His tenets of true religion encompassed human society in it’s entirety without respect to any distinctions of caste, colour, creed or country. He propagated his idea of true religion through “Satya Dharma Prachar-Prasar Sanstha” started by him in 1968. His one-man mission soon attracted followers from all parts of the country. He preached to them and trained them. Thus nucleus for a world-wide Agnihotra movement came into existence, and the movement spread even beyond the frontiers of India in a short span of time through a network of selfless “Pracharks” trained by Shri Madhavji Potdar Sahab himself. Madhavashram is the headquarters of “Satya Dharma Prachar-Parasar Sanstha” the parent body from which have sprung hundreds of institutions engaged in carrying forth the message of daily Agnihotra to every home in many countries in the world. Satya Dharma Prachar-Parasar Sanstha is headed by Shrimati Nalini Madhavji, the disciple and spiritual heir of late Shri Madhavji Potdar Saheb. She has been directing and conducting the Sanstha right from its inception in 1968. She is also sole trusty of the Shri Madhavji Potdar Sahab which is public charitable trust located in Madhavashram.

The message of Satya Dharma, Agnihotra, purity, simplicity and harmony between man and his environment permeate the air in the natural surroundings of the Madhavashram campus which comprises Agnidham, Yagnya-shala, Goshala, Sharnagati and Shriniwas apart from the abovementioned two institutions. Shrimati Nalini Madhavji is guiding light of all activities conducted at and from Madhavashram; thousands of selfless volunteers are currently engaged in intensive campaign for the propagation of Agnihotra in many states of India, particularly in the five states of Hindi heartland under the direct guidance of Naliniji. The campaign includes writing, publication and distribution of literature in the Vedic way of life, imparting training to women and men in Vedic way at four-day camps organised at different centres, holding exhibitions, lectures, demonstrations on Agnihotra in urban and rural areas, organizing special training camps for youth to inspire them to selfless service to humanity, and launching such other programmes of social reformation catholicity, love of humanity as also ecological amelioration and harmony with Nature.

The motto is: - "Serve Api Sukhinah Santu Sarve Santu Niramayah” (happiness and perfect health to all on his Earth)

This is AGNIHOTRA. A practicable, result oriented, scientific practice. You will agree that the method is very simple, the integredients are easily obtainable , the time to be spared for the practice is not a bother at all, it is not expansive , there are no taboos covering personal habits etc. (Agnihotra straightens everything), anybody (any human being) can practice it. Agnihotra is the best care-taker. It transforms for good disgruntled, frustrated and anxiety prone personalities in the interests of society wherein ultimately they become assets. Today Agnihotra is the need of time. A sure remedy. The need is so strong that it was never this urgent and necessary any time in the past.



Madhavji Saheb

Long ago, the great man behind the origin of Agnihotra was Shri Madhavswami (Shri Madhavji Potdar Saheb). With the passage of time he will be the path leader for making way for we humans. He had been sent on this earth for some special object, Shri Madhavswami was a great revolutionist. He was a legend, an ideal among ordinary humans. He gave birth to new revolution. Breaking all the traditions based on ill beliefs, he helped us to come closer to the Eternal God and make our life successful. This is the only theme of his efforts. Life

Born in India on Ist October,1915 at Vidisha (M.P.). His father Shri Govindrao Potdar was an honest,truth loving person.His mother Radhabai was most intelligent, religious and cultured woman.She was a very firm and promising lady.

Saheb was very intelligent.He was gold medalist in B.Com from Lucknow University.As best Administrator,he worked as General Manager from 1948 to 1954 in a Factory at Bhopal.He was well known in Bhopal for his honesty,sympathetic attitude towards poor,his benevolence and kind heartedness.In May, 1954 he left the job of G.M. and went to Akkalkot.

It was just a pleasure trip.He went in Guru Mandir and met "Param Sudguru Shri Gajanan Maharajshree" for the first time.He started his Sadhana with effect from 13th June 1957, as advised by his Sadguru. Within a short span of 2 years he completed his Sadhana.

He wrote a book "In search of happiness" in 1959 on Five Fold Path which was the first book on satyadharam, On 11th of October he took a vow that "I will do the work and resuscitate the Vedas(Shrutees) with single minded devotion".

During 4th Nov. 1959 to 23rd March 1960 Potdar Saheb toured in India from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, Gauhati to Dwarka and sold out thousands of copies of the books to the people.

Message to the four directions was given. He has been named as "Divine Messenger" for giving this "Divya Sandesh" (Divine Message ).His tours were described as "Digvijaya.(One who has won everyone/everything in all the four directions)

First Agnihotra was started on 22nd February, 1963 near Bhopal by Saheb.For the fulifilment of the vow Saheb selected Agnihotra as the ultimate weapon.He said "Agnihotra is the solution for all the problems created by the present age.Hence Agnihotra is a Religion of the Era, it is the human religion".

During the period of 1962 to 1964,Potdar Saheb wrote many books. His business was closed down in 1962.He willingly accepted the life of unlimited sufferings.He concentrated his mind in the propagation of the Satya Dharma (True Religion).All the means were withdrawn and he was almost compelled to leave his Bhopal residence.Then he went to Ujjain.There he lead a very sacrificial life.

Since February 1968, the Agnihotra propagation movement was started.In the begining he was alone. By and by people started joining him.When the figure of the active volunteers rose to hundreads,Saheb become busy in giving guidance to them.

Meanwihle Agnihotra reached all corners of the world through the Propagation by hundreds and thousands of such volunteers.

On 9th of June 1974 after 10 minutes of Agnihotra, Potdar Saheb took Mahasamadhi.At the time of his Nirwan he was 59 only.

Full name of Saheb was "Shri Madhav Govind Potdar".He was known as Potdar Saheb in the begining of his career.Shri Saheb was his popular name among his followers.

After he started the spritual work as Satya Dharma Sandestha. Agnihotra Updheshta (Propounder) Saheb is an Era-Innovator.He is the Satya Dharma Pioneer. His work was and is for the ages to come.His Vow of resucitation of Vedas has been achived.

The Books

Saheb is the first author of Five Fold Path (Panch Sadhan Marg). After 1972 many books were written on this subject but all were written on the basis of books written by Saheb. The original writing belongs to Saheb and for this he refered Saptshloki (7 Vedic couplet in Sanskrit) of "Param Sadguru" as the base. Saptshloki is a poetic Sanstrit composition of 7 shlokas only.

Saptshloki : Saheb translated this Sanskrit poetic composition of "Param Sadguru" and wrote commentary on each of the Shloka in 1958. On the basis of this commentary, there are number of books in different languages of the world written by diffrent authors.

In Search Of Happiness : This is the first ever written book on Five Folds Path or the Panch Sadhan Marg. The Author is Shri Madhavji Potdar. It was published on Ist October 1959. Originally written in English, the Hindi translation was published in 1965. On the basis of his own experience and indirect guidance of his "Sadguru", he defined happiness and suggested the way to achieve it. Five Fold Path is a path of truth which is prescribed by Vedas.

The Last Step : In 1963 the book was written and published originally in English. What is the last step of human life, what is the last achievement, is the subject, dealt in this book. The explanation is based on varied experiences and Saheb wrote this book in one sitting only .

Programmes:For the propogation of Agnihotra in1970 a Weekly Magzine was been published, for one and half year.Then in July 72 Dharama-Surya was published upto 1987.

Dharampath(On The Basis Of Experience) : It is actually a collection of speech articles wrote for an institution in the year 1963-64. It was published in 1965. Through this book Agnihotra was made known to all. It is the best commentary on Panch Sadhan Marg. Dharampath is the basic book for the daily life of Satya Dharam followers.

In 1968 when Agnihotra Prachar (Propagation) started,then an Agnihotra Magzine was printed on the basis of Dharampath as preeched in, by the Devine messenger of Satya Dharma ,Mahanubhav Shri Madhav ji Potdar Saheb. This Magzine was printed in different languagei.e. Hindi, English, Marathi, Gujrati, Urdu, Sindhi, Kannadd and propogated throughout . All the Propogaters of all over India were using this magzine for propogation of Agnihotra. In 1972 when other independent institutions came in existence, then the name of Shri Saheb was withdrawn from the cover page.

Shri Saheb has respectfully dedicated this daily Yagnya Agnihotra ,as he has preeched and propogated in Dharampath,to the people,for their betterment , welfare and right of happiness.So now Agnihotra belongs to the people and became a Public Movement.

Apart from Saheb has written few Manuscript i.e.Swami Samarth Maharaj: and he also has written the characterisation of his Holy and Devine Master"The ParamSadguru".

Madhavji Saheb

Starting of the Work

In Ujjain,On15th February 1968,Saheb pronounced the work of Agnihotra.His unregistered constitution was named as"Satya Dharam Prachar Prasar".The slogan was "home to home, person to person."

Till 11th August 1968,the number of total Agnihotri (followers of Agnihotra)touched the figure of 100. Several persons from Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujrat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh were attached to this movement.Only after one year the figure of Agnihotrees rose to 1000.

All the Propagators were working at different places from 1968 to 1972 under the guidance of Saheb. In February 1970 i.e.after the commencement of the work,Shri Vasant Paranjpe came to meet Saheb.As per the directions of Saheb he started propagation of Agnihotra in South India.In 1972 he went to USA and Agnihotra spreaded over there speedily through opeing new organizations.

In Akkalokot, Agnihotra started in 1973.Saheb was overjoyed to hear this news.Today whatever work is being done in the world it is on the guidelines given by Saheb.Saheb is the first person to start this work and make it reach to this juncture.He once said we have brought this work to such a station that nobody can stop it now.This is the work of God and it will definitely reach its destination. He created history.

Programmes:For the propogation of Agnihotra in1970 a Weekly Magzine was been published, for one and half year.Then in July 72 Dharama-Surya was published upto 1987.

Cow is essential for agnihotra .Agnihotra can't be performed without Cow dung cakes and Cow's Ghee (Clarified Butter) .So Shri Saheb started a Panchratna Goshala in Bairagarh ,on 29th September 1972.This Goshala of ten Cows used to fulfill the requirement of Agnihotra practioners.Ghee was ditributed to Aurangabad, Sholapur, Jhansi etc.places from here.




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HOMA is a Sanskrit word used here synonymously with YAJNYA. YAJNYA is the technical term from the Vedic science of bioenergy denoting the process of removing the toxic conditions of the atmosphere through the agency of fire. This means healing and purifying of the atmosphere with fire as the medium. You heal the atmosphere and the healed atmosphere heals you. This is the central idea in HOMA Therapy. The words ´Heal the atmosphere´ have widespread ramifications not yet investigated by modern science.

YAJNYA replenishes the nutrients that pollution robs from our environment. The molecular change in the fission and fusion of atoms causes properties of elements to change in atomic structure and weight. The rotation of electrons and neutrons varies speeds. If proper insight is given to scientists we can show them how this knowledge can be used beneficially in some areas when looked at from the perspective of YAJNYA.